-Please do not post any copyrighted material.

-Please refrain from posting reasonably offensive content.

-Please don't change somebody else's user page.

-Please don't change or delete somebody else's talk page comments.

-Please do not harass other users.

-Please don't add, change or delete content without a good reason. Provide the reason in the edit summary.

-No false information.

-When posting on a page or a forum, make sure what you are saying relates to the topic of that particular page or forum.

-Please only post information about current events.

-Please maintain a neutral point of view.

-Please do not make any test edits unless I ask you to do so.

Note: I will be doing test edits because I need to make sure everything works properly.

-Please don't post empty links nor links to websites with inappropriate content.

-Please abide by Wikia's terms of use.

If you disagree with a rule or want to propose an additional rule, please post on the talk page.

Failure to abide by policies will result in a block after a final warning. Note: I will let you know if I plan to block you on the next violation. Policies are subject to change.

Please report all violations on this page